Homeowners Wind-Only Coverage

Program Description

In an effort to limit exposures in coastal counties, carriers may offer homeowners coverage without the peril of windstorm included. In cases like this, you can offer your client a separate Wind-Only policy. This policy covers damage from hail and windstorms, regardless of whether the damage came from a named storm or everyday storm. There are no other perils covered with this type of policy.

  • Our Wind Only minimum is as low as $250,000 in most states
  • Flexibility in our coverage limits as long as they do not exceed the maximum values of:
    • Coverage B 30% of Coverage A
    • Coverage C 70% of Coverage A
    • Coverage D 30% of Coverage A
  • Flexible deductible options as low as 1% in some states
  • Ability to write multi-family dwelling with a maximum of 4 families
  • Can write Protection Class 9 or 10 risk with the appropriate questionnaire completed


All 50 states, The Bahamas and Caribbean

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