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As an MGU, we were created as an alternative to CAT-driven programs. We offer non-admitted E&S property coverage for commercial properties across the United States. This spread of risks reduces carrier reinsurance costs and volatility to catastrophes, while providing our insureds with broad coverage from highly rated insurance and reinsurance companies. Our CrossCover Open Market solution is distributed solely through wholesale brokers. Our mid-level RealTime solution is distributed through retail agents.

We offer full limits E&S property coverage for middle-market insureds through a panel of highly rated ‘A’ carriers. Our comprehensive field and underwriting experience allows us to select E&S accounts based on first-hand knowledge and a deeper understanding of the unique hazards. Coverage is provided through our Guardian policy, which provides fair yet strong terms and conditions. We seek clear and adequate coverage for those we insure and mutual long-term profitability, while avoiding uncertain or volatile risks and occupancy classes.

  • Full limits E&S Commercial Property coverage for Technical and General Property occupancies
  • All -risk perils including Flood, EQ and Wind/Hail
  • All 50 states
  • Primary or full value participation
  • $50M limits per location up to $125M on an account basis Tier 1, or $500M elsewhere


All 50 states

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